EM Test BS 200N100

Transient Emissions

Automotive Transient Emission Measurements as per ISO 7637-2


  • BS 200N100 – Electronic switch, 60V DC/100A:
  • – Volt.Drop <1.2V@100A, <0.2V@25A
  • – Peak voltage max. 1,000V
  • – Reverse-polarity/short-circuit protected
  • BSM 200N40 – Mechanical switch, 12/24V DC/40A
  • AN 200N100 – ISO 7637-2, CISPR 25, CISPR 16-1-2
  • – Frequency range 100kHz – 125MHz
  • – 1,000V DC, 250V AC (up to 1kHz)
  • – Current max. 100A AC/DC cont.
  • – Insertion loss < 3dB

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Transient Emissions

EMTest Test Set for the Measurement of Automotive Transient Emissions as per ISO 7637

The measurement of automotive transient emissions as per ISO 7637-2 requires an electronic switch, a mechancical switch and an artificial network. The electronic switch generates slow transients while the mechanical switch, a typical relay used in the vehicle, generates the fast transients. The artifical network represents the typical impedance of the wiring harness. The AN 200N100 is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 7637-2, CISPR 25 / ISO 11452-4 and CISPR 16-1-2 and can be switched accordingly.

  • ISO 7637-2:2004
  • ISO 7637-2:2011

The EM TEST Transient Emission Set consisting of the BS 200N100 electronic switch, the artificial network AN 200N100 and the BSM 200N40 mechanical switch is an easy-to-use, economic and compact solution, fully compliant to ISO 7637-2. 
Small size of the equipment and short interconnections allow to meet the distances specified by the standard.
An optional resistor box RS-Box with shunt resistor is available for transient emission measurements as per 
ISO 7637-2:2004 and ISO 7637-2:2011. 
The RS-Box offers the required 40ohm shunt resistor and other demanding shunt resistors values of e.g. 10ohm, 20ohm and 120ohm.

CA BS 200N

Calibration load 0.6ohm and 50uH for the verification
of the electronic switch characteristic


Shunt resistor box with Rs = 10ohm,
20ohm, 40ohm and 120ohm

Multi-Purpose AN 200N100 Three-in-one artificial network

The AN 200N100 is the multi-purpose artificial network designed to cover four different test requirements. The various configurations are selected by two switches. One switch is used to configure the AN 200N100 mains input (no capacitor as per ISO 7637-2, 1uF capacitor accross the mains input as per CISPR 25 and ISO 11452-4 or 2uF capacitors in series with a 1ohm resistor as per
CISPR 16-1-2). A second switch is used to switch in the internal 50ohm termination resistor as required.
The AN 200N100 is fully adapted to the various test requirements and shows the typical impedance characteristics according to the different standards.

Transient Emission Set  Datasheet