Calibration set for Automotive Transients
  • One single load resistor box
  • Includes all required load resistor values
  • Highly accurate resistors (+/-1%)
  • High temperature stability
  • Resistors with very low inductance
  • Resistor values 0.5ohm, 1ohm, 2ohm, 4ohm, 10ohm, 20ohm and 50ohm

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Calibration set for Automotive Transients

Automotive test pulse verification under loaded conditions In accordance with the pulse verification requirements given in Annex C of ISO 7637-2:2011 and Annex A of ISO 16750-2:2012, test pulses generated by automotive transient generators need to be verified both under no-load (open circuit verification) and loaded conditions with specified loads. The values of the load resistors is specified and are equal to the generator’s internal source impedance defined for the corresponding test pulse. The CA ISO is a resistor box containing all load resistors required to verify micropulse and load dump generators according to international standards and manufacturer requirements.


  • ISO 7637-2

EM Test CA ISO datasheet