Capacitive Coupling Clamp
  • Strictly acc. to ISO 7637 and many car manufacturer specifications
  • Precise construction with highest quality surfaces
  • Accept cables up to 40 mm diameter
  • Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm

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Capacitive Coupling Clamp

The capacitive coupling clamp ACC is used to couple fast transient pulses to I/O lines as required in different national and international standards and car manufacturer specifications for automotive testing. The effective coupling capacitance depends on the diameter and the material of the used cables. A typical value will be around 100 pF.

  • ISO 7637-3
  • BMW GS 95002
  • Fiat 9.90110
  • Renault 36-00.808/–N
  • Volvo STD 515-003
  • VW TL 801 01 
  • FCA CS.00054 
  • Mercedes MBN 10284-4

EM Test ACC  Datasheet