EM Test Autowave

Waveform generator

Generates and records automotive waveforms


  • Dual-Processor-Technology, 500kS/s sample rate
  • Up to 4-channel arbitrary generator
  • 2-channel transient recorder (AutoWave-WR)
  • Simultaneous recording/generation (AutoWave-WR)
  • Library of standard test routines
  • Pseudo-random function
  • 60GB built-in hard disk
  • Multiple interfaces

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Waveform generator

EMTest AutoWave – A new dimension for battery supply simulation in the automotive area

AutoWave – A new dimension for battery supply simulation in the automotive area Battery simulation becomes more and more an issue in today´s automotive testing. Waveforms are getting more and more complex. Standardised single phenomena like cranking are still tested but real-life signals are of even higher interest for testing full vehicles or parts of it under real conditions. Common arbitrary generators often fail in testing these requirements especially if iteration of various test parameters within one test are required. The AutoWave models unify an up to 4-channel arbitrary generator and a 2-channel transient wave recorder (only AutoWave-WR model) in a small and handy unit. The AutoWave-WR is best of generating and recording any kind of waveform in the automotive area.

  • ISO 7637-2
  • ISO 16750-2
  • SAE J1113-11
  • SAE J1113-12
  • ECE R10 (Automotive)
  • BMW GS 95002
  • BMW GS 95003-2
  • Chrylser CS-11979
  • Fiat 9.90110
  • Ford EMC-CS-2009.1
  • GMW 3097
  • GMW 3172
  • Honda 3910Z-TVA-0000
  • Hyundai Kia ES 95400-10
  • Hyundai Kia ES 96100-02
  • IVECO 16-2103
  • Mack Trucks 606GS15
  • Mercedes MBN 10284-2
  • Mitsubishi ES-X82010
  • Nissan 28401 NDS 02 
  • Porsche PSA B21 7110
  • Renault 36-00.808/–N
  • Scania TB1901
  • Volvo STD 515-003
  • VW TL 801 01
  • LV 124
  • LV 148
  • Ford FMC 1278
  • BMW GS 95024-2-2
  • Jaguar JLR-EMC-CS
  • Hyundai Kia ES 96200-00
  • Mitsubishi ES-X82115
  • VW 80000
  • Tesla TS-0000048-06
  • Mercedes MBN 10567
  • FCA CS.00054
  • Case New Holland ENS0310
  • Harley-Davidson EG-812-22613
  • Mercedes MBN 10284-4
  • Tesla TS-0000425-05

AutoWave – Easy to use for most complex waveform simulation

Based on a Dual-Processor Technology, with an integrated high-performance PC, a digital signal processor (DSP) and equipped with a hard disk the AutoWave is capable to record and generate waveforms in realtime. Even most complex waveforms with waveform parameters being iterated within a full test cycle or pseudo-randomly selected waveform parameters can be programmed. No matter whether waveforms are programmed from segments or from single points (normally resulting in MBs of data) the AutoWave will do.
Recording data of up to 1GByte is easily possible. The input channels are designed for up to +/-100V with 16bit resolution. Long-term measurements for several hours or even days can be performed.
Interfaces like GPIB, Ethernet and USB (to connect a memory stick) are standard features.
The AutoWave can be used in combination with EM TEST VDS 200Nx models and EM TEST RDS 200N models or any programmable DC source having a DC signal input 5/10VDC.

autowave.control – Editing, documenting and managing your waveforms

autowave.control is the tool to easily and conveniently control the AutoWave.

By means of autowave.control the user can program any kind of waveform either composed from segments or points and download into the AutoWave. Enhanced graphic tools are at hand to adjust the waveform according to individual requirements. As a unique feature, compared to other arbitrary solutions, autowave.control supports programming of most complex waveforms as easy as can be where each parameter can be iterated within a single pattern. A random function is implemented to generate waveforms with e.g. pseudo-randomly selected still reproducible parameter settings such as required by the latest Jaguar/Land Rover test specification CI 265.

autowave.control provides a library of an extensive compilation of predefined segments as well as a large number of test routines as per various manufacturer specifications.
autowave.control is also handling any waveform recorded either by the WaveRecorder or by any other method (e.g. oscilloscope). All waveforms can be downloaded into the AutoWave.
autowave.control offers an enhanced reporting tool to generate test/measuring reports and can be used under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Autowave  Datasheet