Don’t waste valuable time troubleshooting! Save weeks of development time

Let’s face it: prototypes are prone to design errors (both in software and hardware) as well as manufacturing defects. Deal with them efficiently and reduce time-to-market by utilizing state-of-the-art test methods and troubleshooting techniques.

When transitioning from design to production of printed circuit board assemblies, developers today may spend weeks just troubleshooting prototypes. Reasons for this include inefficient test procedures and not yet optimised assembly processes. In many cases, it is also unclear whether faulty prototypes suffer from hardware defects or software bugs, or both.

In this webinar you will learn how to find and diagnose errors quickly and efficiently without relying on verified firmware or application software. Along the way, we will discuss appropriate test strategies for deployment in manufacturing. With this knowledge, you can reduce the time-to-market of new products significantly.

Tuesday July 21, 2021: 11:00 AM Central European time
Register Here: Goepel Registration Page

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