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To most of you ETS-Lindgren is known for its Anechoic chambers. One of these, the largest and most notorious anechoic chamber in the world, is located at Edwards airforce base, which can accommodate a B-52 bomber.

ETS-Lindgren has built thousands of Faraday cages and anechoic chambers worldwide. However, ETS-Lindgren is much more than that. They produce a wide range of EMC test- and measurement equipment. This is partly grown from own turf and partly through the acquisition of companies such as EMCO antennas and Holaday probes.

To make this all work together, ETS-Lindgren has developed the most universal and versatile EMC software, called ‘Tile!’. This software is completely instrument agnostic. ETS-Lindgren has also been at the forefront of over-the-air (OTA) radio testing- and measurements for years. For this they have already developed a lot of hardware as well as the most advanced software in this area: ‘EMquest’.

In 2019, Accelonix was approached by ETS-Lindgren to collaborate in the BeNeLux. From 2020 this turned out to be a “perfect match” and we were soon working intensively on various projects. Several of these have now been completed. A major job has taken place in the lab of KIWA-Telefication in Apeldoorn. This project comprises 2 anechoic chambers and no fewer than 10 Faraday cages, of which 7 are connected like a labyrinth. A description of this project, including a virtual tour, can be found here.

Besides the fact that ETS-Lindgren produces test- and measurement instrumentation, this is also calibrated in its own lab under accreditation. So, if you have EMC test- and measurement instrumentation that need calibration, please contact Accelonix so that we can take care of the calibration for you.

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