YXLON Cheetah and Cougar EVO – New Options for X-Ray Inspection

Recently Yxlon presented the release of  new options for the Cheetah and Cougar EVO microfocus X-ray inspection machines.
Under the motto ‘Innovation is key to Evolution – Evolution empowers you’, these new options significantly increase efficiency in the X-ray inspection of electronic components.

Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar X-ray Inspection Systems

Laminography with micro3Dslice in the Yxlon systems is off course not new, but the visualization with the FF CT software is now integrated as standard.
Laminography is a digital imaging technique that models, slice by slice, the 3D volume of a device under test. This technique allows to inspect and determine the quality of the solderjoints underneath components, also for double sided mounted PCB assemblies.
Combined with Yxlon X-ray imaging this digital software technique provides 3D images of a new, even more enhanced level of brilliance and detail.
At the same time, the software remains compatible with Volume Graphics and the corresponding analysis tools.

Left: 2D X-Ray image of a complex assembly with IC on both sides.
Right: Individual inspection slice of bottom and top IC, generated with laminography CT.

Also hardware-wise, Yxlon introduces new options.

Cheetah EVO – High Load Version – With new ORYX 1616 Detector

In addition to the already available 1313 and 1308 digital detectors, a new high-resolution flat-panel detector, the ORYX 1616 with a size of 1280 x 1280 pixels, is now available. The new detector offers a 50% increase in field-of-view compared to the standard 1313. This means a much better overview and faster inspection processes due to reduced number of work steps in automatic sequences. The optimized electronics of the detector enable higher speed, better stability and longer lifetime in 24/7 use.
Moreover, the ORYX 1616 not only has an improved radiation resistance but can also work with a much lower radiation dose due to its excellent sensitivity.

For particularly sensitive electronic devices, Yxlon also offers the Dose Reduction Kit to reduce X-ray radiation to the absolute minimum to protect the inspected parts even better.

Another hardware highlight is the optional High Load Capacity. A loading unit that, thanks to its special mechanics, can easily and precisely manipulate heavy parts weighing up to 20 kg. It is particularly useful for the inspection of electronics within a closed housing, as is for example increasingly the case with electronics for electric vehicles. But also for efficient, automated inspection of multiple parts in a single test sequence.

The Yxlon Cheetah and Cougar EVO families in their specific configurations are specially used in the SMT and Semicon sector to verify the reliability of products and the stability of the production assembly and soldering process.

Yxlon Cougar EVO and Cheetah EVO – Your next step in computed tomography and automated inspection?

  • Large flat-panel detector for utmost flexibility
  • Best-in-class laminography with micro3D slice
  • Integrated workflows and visualization with  FF CT Software
  • Dosage mode for sensitive components
  • High load capacity (up to 20 kg) for Cheetah EVO
  • Process automation and integration into production line

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