The 5 Most Common Errors in PCB Assembly and How to Reliably Detect Them – 3D AOI Webinar

This webinar will use real production examples of component and soldering defects to demonstrate the 3D AOI detection capabilities.

Goepel electronic will illustrate how “MagicClick” algorithm is used to create the AOI program, including library generation with test functions and automatic parameter optimisation.
The MagicClick features allow generation of new “production ready” and stable 3D AOI programs in an unrivalled short time frame.

Tuesday March 23, 2021: 11:00 AM Central European time3D AOI Operator
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Features such as the graphical display of the defects at the verification station and functions for the statistical analysis of inspection results will off course also be shown.
The inspection functions and parameters, used for detecting common PCBA defect types will be discussed.
As a result the Goepel 3D AOI systems guarantee a reliable and repeatable detection of defects, while keeping the occurrence of pseudo defects (false calls) to an absolute minimum.

The webinar is aimed at quality and production managers directly involved with the manufacturing of PCBA’s and electronic assemblies.

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