Lumiloop LSProbe 1.2 HI+LO 3D Field Probe

3D E-Field Probe 10 Hz – 8.2 GHz

  • Fastest sampling rate (pulse measurement)
  • Highest precision (resolution and linearity)
  • Widest dynamic response for entire frequency range
  • Rugged, eye-safe optical system
  • No warm-up wait – immediate measurement
  • Up to 10 synchronised probes possible
  • User-centered terms of warranty and service

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3D E-Field Analyser LSProbe

The miniaturized 8.2 GHz 3D E-Field Analyzer LSProbe ensures unattended, uninterrupted measurements combined with high resolution, high speed and low noise over the entire test period. With the galvanically insulated power supply, the need for batteries is now eliminated. The field probe does not only measure average values but the time course of fields. With an unprecedented wide dynamic range and fast pulse response, LSProbe provides the user completely new measuring options. The LSProbe enables a higher efficiency through shorter and lower-cost testing intervals.

Key User Benefits

  • Single field probe for all task from 10 Hz to 8.2 GHz
  • Fast sampling @ 500 kS/s
  • Highest dynamic range on the market: 80 … 100 dB
  • Field strenght 0.1 … 1000 V/m
  • Damage level > 25 kV/m
  • High precision (resolution 0.05 dB, suberb linearity)
  • All calibration data handled by field probe
  • Most comprehensive compensation:
    200 frequencies, 130 signal levels, 4 temperatures
  • Two RSSI-detectors with overlapping ranges
    Low-band: 1 kHz to 400 MHz, High-band: 10 MHz to 8.2 GHz
  • In-house calibrated frequency range
    Low-band: 10 kHz to 400 MHz, High-band: 30 MHz to 8.2 GHz
  • Sacrificial cable kit available for frequent plugging

Single probe system

LS Probe 1.2 HI+LO Datasheet 

Quick start guide 

Multiprobe system, synchronisation for up to 10 field probes

LS Probe 1.2  Multiprobe Datasheet 

Quick start guide 

Sacrificial Cable Kit


Optic Fiber Cable Extension


Tabletop Probe Stand Base


Table Top Stand Mounting Pole


Flexible Probe Stand


Fiber Connector Cleaning Pen



Fiber care – handling instructions 

Application Note – Measuring Pulsed Fields 

Application Note – Measuring Radio Jammers