XLine 3D

3D AXI and AOI Inline

Goepel 3D in-line X-ray inspection system for Safe inspection of double-sided assembled PCBs. Maximum fault coverage using digital tomosynthesis with outstanding inspection speed and the unique combination With in-line AOI.

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3D AXI and AOI Inline

3D in-line X-ray inspection system for maximum fault coverage using digital tomosynthesis with outstanding inspection speed. Real-time 3D detector concept with maintenance-free micro focus X-ray tube that allows simultaneous image capturing from different angles.

Unique option to integrate double-sided Automated Optical Inspection into its AXI system OptiCon X-Line 3D. The AOI module integration into OptiCon X-Line 3D enables a non-stop image capturing of the board top and bottom side parallel to the X-ray inspection without test speed limitations.

The standard tasks of this versatile  include the inspection of BGA, QFN, THT, LED and LGA solder joints. In addition, all other solder joints, whether visible or hidden, on a PCB can be inspected.
Press-fit connectors are also inspected using the 3D planar CT process.
During X-ray inspection, there are no AOI-typical reflections and shadows that could influence the inspection. The inspection is based on the absorption of the material which has different densities and thicknesses. The color and gloss level of a surface do not influence the X-ray inspection.


Sensor technology
Detector: Ultra-High Speed Line Scan CCD  Detectors
X-ray source: 130 kV  max. 39 W, maintenance-free
Resolution: 6 – 20 µm (freely selectable)
Image acquisition: 2D, 2.5D, 3D (slice images with planar CT)

Axis system
Axis: X, Y, Z
Resolutions: 1 µm

PCB size: max. 450 mm x 400 mm – min. 60 mm x 50 mm
PCB thickness: 0,5 mm – 5 mm
PCB weight: 1,5 kg, optional 5 kg
Component clearance top side: max. 40 mm
Component clearance bottom side: 65 mm
Transport height: 950 mm ± 25 mm, 850 mm ± 25 mm

Test method: 2D, 2.5D, 3D
Solder joints: insufficient/excessive solder, short circuit, open circuit, voids, solder balls, lifted lead, head-in-pillow, …
Component: Position xy, rotation, missing, tombstone, billboard, …

Dimension (B x D X H): 1596 mm  x 1540 mm x 1720 mm
weight: 2,6 t
Connection: 230 V, 1-phase / <1000 W / 6 bar Air

Inspection tasks, that cannot be achieved with X-ray inspection, are covered by supplementary AOI cameras.

  • Placement Inspection
  • Polarity Detection
  • Text Recognition (OCR)
  • Colour Recognition

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