VarioLine 3D

3D AOI Inline

AOI all-rounder Vario Line · 3D for the highest quality standards.

Vario Line combines the best in fault detection, customer specificity and economic viability using 3D measurement technology and 2D image capturing.

Four angled-view cameras and the additional rotary drive allow shadow-free inspection and measurement from 360 degrees.
A new axis system based on linear actuators has also been integrated, which impress with outstanding dynamic features and highest positioning speeds.
Due to the high optical quality, false calls are significantly reduced. At the same time, cycle times are kept low for efficient use.

Goepel MagicClick for fast automated programming and integrates to Goepel PILOT CONNECT for integration with MES and database systems to centralize all inspection and machine data.

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3D AOI Inline

The New 3D AOI Generation by Goepel electronics!

New 3D camera module for increased error detection and reduced pseudo errors

  • Maximum fault detection
  • Variable 360° inspection in 1° steps at constant resolution and definition
  • Unique multispectral and multidimensional illumination
  • Combined 2D/3D technologies

Highest optical quality for projection and image acquisition
Dynamic adjustment of inspection parameters
Measurement of components up to 35 mm
Inspection of optically critical surfaces with large dynamic range
Optionally available: 3-segment belt module for reduced handling time by several seconds

  • Illumination from Infrared to Ultraviolet for high visibility also of low-contrast components, polarity marks, differences in material and pollutions.
  • Angled View Inspection over 360°.
  • New sensor module 3D•EyeZ with real 3D measurement of solder joints and components without shadowing effects.
  • Stable Inspection with optimised false call and pseudo error rate.
  • PILOT AOI software with powerful functions for component recognition, solder joint and short inspection, OCR, colour verification as well as solder paste inspection.
  • Inspections:
    Dimensions, Missing Components, Misalignment (X/Y Rotation), Wrong Body, Tombstone, Coplanarity, Text (OCR), Solder Joint, Lifted Lead, Missing Lead, Lead Offset, Bridges, Color Inspection, THT Pin Position, THT Pin Length, etc.
  • 3D-measurement measurement module 3D · EyeZ
    X/Y resolution (2D): 21 μm
    X/Y resolution (3D): 21 μm
    Z resolution (3D): up to 1 μm
  • 2D orthogonal camera with pixel adapted and telecentric optics
  • 2D/360° angled-view inspection for 360° inspection
  • Smallest testable component size: 01005, 0.3 pitch
  • Illumination: multi-spectral, multi-directional
  • Component clearance above PCB: 40 mm
  • Component clearance below PCB: 50 mm
  • Inspection speed: up to 100 cm²/s
  • Max. inspection area: 570 mm (optional 920 mm) x 510 mm
  • Max. PCB weight: 5 kg
  • Inline interface: SMEMA, Siemens, Sensor

MagicClick Saves up to 80% of AOI programming and optimization time.

  • Generates production-ready test program including component library in only a few minutes
  • PCB-specific layout is considered through import and automatic analysis of Gerber data
  • Optimization of inspection parameters based on sample PCB and IPC standard
  • Only minimal adjustments are required after test program generation
  • Efficient use of AOI already for second PCB
  • Up to 80% time savings for test program generation and optimization
  • Guarantees return on investment in the shortest time
  • Available in software PILOT AOI Version 6 for Vario Line · 3D with camera module 3D · ViewZ

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