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Akrometrix Module Options

Depending on the tasks required and the model of system, modules can be added to enhance the capability of selected systems. The Digital Image Correlation module provides non-contact surface measurement for surface strain and coefficients of thermal expansion, Digital Fringe Projection measures out of plane warpage where step height changes are present, Convection Reflow Emulation Module for improved replication of the reflow solder process heating, and the Convective Module to cool samples down to -50°C.

The Akrometrix modular approach allows the user to customise a system around his particular needs. The AXP is capable of accepting the complete range of functional modules, whereas other system types have limited options available to them. These options provide upgrades for surface strain and coefficient of thermal expansion assessment, warpage to -50°C, reflow solder process emulation and warpage where the product surface has significant step height changes.


DIC 2.0 Strain and CTE Measurement Module
DFP Thermal Warpage Measurement Module
CRE6 Convective Heating Module for Reflow Emulation
Convective Module
Digital Fringe Projection
Digital Image Correlation
Shadow Moiré

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