EM Test vsurge NX15

Voltage Surge Generator for insulation tests

  • Voltage surge impulses up to 15 kV
  • Specified tolerance +/- 3 %
  • Compliant to IEC 60335-1, IEC 60060-1, IEC 61180 and IEC 60664-1
  • Peak voltage and peak current measurement
  • External synchronization up to 690 V
  • Interlock and Warning lamp control
  • USB, Opto Link and Ethernet interface
  • Manual operation

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Insulating testing – Voltage surge generator as per IEC 61180-1 / IEC 60060-1 / IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60664-1

The voltage surge generator vsurge NX15 is specifically designed to generate high voltage transients as required by IEC 61180, IEC 60060-1, IEC 60335-1 and IEC 60664-1 for insulating testing. The purpose of these tests is to verify that clearances will withstand transient overvoltages.
The impulse withstand test is carried out with a voltage having a 1,2/50 µs waveform. The requirements of the tests are satisfied if no indication of disruptive discharge or partial breakdown is obtained.
  • IEC 61180-1
  • IEC 60060-1
  • IEC 60335-1
  • IEC 60664-1

iec.control Software for control and documentation

Outstanding user convenience, clearly structured windows and operation features, EM TEST’s comprehensive standards library along with the flexibility to easily generate user specific test sequences are the main features of iec.control software. The software will be automatically configured in accordance with the connected EM TEST generators. Extensive reporting capabilities help the user to create test reports that meet international requirements.
The iec.control is supported by Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Remote control is achieved either via Ethernet or optical interface with USB connector at the PC side.
The iec.control supports various interfaces for the communication to external measuring devices.

vsurge NX15 Datasheet