EM Test iec.control


The capabilities of the software are (without license key):

  • Remote control of EM TEST transient generators of the series 500 and NX
  • Remote control of Teseq NSG 1007 and NSG 2200-3
  • Remote control of Teseq NSG 3040A and NSG 3060A
  • Remote control of Teseq NSG 3040, NSG 3060 and NSG 3150
  • Saving all parameter settings of a test as a test file (generate test files).
  • Running a test with pre-selected parameters.
  • Combining various test files in one test sequence (generate link files)

With an additional license for each connected device, following functions are available:

  • Creating a test report into an RTF-file which allows further procurement within another word processing software recognizing RTF-file format.
  • Using the standard library.
  • Running standard tests at different standard test levels

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The software iec.control is operated under MS-Windows. It is the remote-control software and reporting tool for EM TEST transient generators (families NX and 500N and older 500M series) and some devices from the Teseq (NSG family)

Outstanding user convenience, clearly structured windows and operation features and the EM TEST standards library along with the flexibility to generate user specific test sequences very easily are the main features of iec,control software. The software is automatically configured according to the connected EM TEST generators. Extensive reporting capabilities help the user to create test reports that meet international requirements.
iec.control is supported by Windows 7, Windows 8 (64 Bit) and Windows 10. Remote control is achieved either via Ethernet or opto link with USB at the computer. The iec.control supports various interfaces for control external measuring instruments.

EM Test Manual iec.control