Teseq SW 4070

RF-Switch Solution for NSG 4070

  • Two relays SPDT
  • Low insertion loss
  • Direct control via NSG 4070 user port or manual version

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The advanced use of the NSG 4070 may require the operation with two power amplifiers. The SW 4070 allows to switch the signal paths for having a remote controlled system and is fully powered and controlled by the NSG 4070. Interlock connections provide to switch off the amplifier gain. Additionally the SW 4070 is supplied with a second user port socket for connecting, e.g. the MD 4070 or using the EUT monitoring functions of the NSG 4070’s user port.

Parameter Value
Power supply 12 VDC, 170 mA
Connector type Sub-D, 15 pins (for NSG 4070 user port)
Response time typical 20 ms
Relay type 2x SPDT
Power handling Cold switching only
  • IEC/EN 61000-4-21
  • MIL STD 461
  • RTCA/DO 160
  • ISO 11452-11
  • SAE J1113-27

SW 4070 Datasheet