Solar 2854-2 Spike Generator

Spike Generator for MIL-STD-461F CS106 conducted transient susceptibility test

  • Provides output levels from 10 V to more than 400 V into 5 Ω
  • Adjustable pulse position on AC lines relates the transient susceptibility to real time aspects of digital systems
  • Single pulse feature for controlled isolation of transient effects
  • Output terminals for series and parallel injection

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The Model 2854-2 provides 5 μS ±22% pulse with a 1.5 μS ± 0.5 μS rise time across a 5.0 Ω non-inductive resistor. Voltage is adjustable to greater than 400 V. The undershoot is limited to less than 120 V peak (maximum) and less than 20 μS. The repetition rate is variable and can be adjusted from 0.8 pulse per second to 10 pulse per second. Single transients can be applied with the pushbutton on the front panel.

Two sets of output terminals allow either parallel or series injection into the power line. The series injection may be used on DC and AC lines. Parallel injection should be used on DC lines only. The output winding used for series injection can carry 25 A of power current. The output terminals are isolated from the chassis and the power cord.

2854-2 Datasheet