Solar 2654-2 Lightning Pulse Generator

Generator for RTCA/DO-160E/F/G Section 22 lightning induced transient susceptibility testing

  • Modular design
  • Single rack portability
  • Programmable single stroke, multiple stroke, multiple burst waveforms
  • Pin injection, cable bundle injection, ground injection up to Level 3
  • Self-contained microprocessor control
  • LCD system display

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The Solar Model 2654-2 Lightning Generator synthesizes electrical impulses needed for testing susceptibility to transients induced in aircraft equipment by lightning strikes. The peak voltage and current requirements of RTCA/DO-160E/F/G Section 22 are met at Levels 1 through 3. Using available accessory devices, transient waveforms can be applied by pin injection, cable bundle injection and ground injection.

The transient format, repetition rate, and amplitude are selected using two controls on the front panel of the Model 2654-2.

The system can generate a single transient at the press of a button, or it can be programmed to generate multiple strokes as required by RTCA/DO-160E/F/G, Section 22. Waveforms can be delivered singly or in groups of 10, and for waveform 3A and 3B multiple burst sequences can be repeated at intervals of 3 seconds for 5 minutes. Multiple stroke and multiple burst tests can be performed with pseudo random or uniform transient spacing.

The transient generator modules installed in the system mainframe are automatically recognized by the microcontroller, and transient format and repetition rate options are displayed on an LCD screen. Because of the modular design, the system may be ordered with only the modules a user requires. Other modules supporting additional DO-160 waveforms may be added at any time.

2654-2 Datasheet