Tripod Positioner
  • Non-metallic Non-RF Reflective
  • Easy-adjust Height Controls
  • Quality Construction
  • Models with Manual or Pneumatic Polarization

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Tripod Positioner

​​​ETS-Lindgren’s Model 7-TR Tripod is compatible with most ETS-Lindgren antennas. Users can be confident of accurate measurement results when using the 7-TR, which is constructed of non-metallic, non-reflective materials that will not distort measure data.

The 7-TR Tripod provides increased stability for physically large, ultra broadband antennas, such as ETS-Lindgren BiConiLog™. Its unique design allows for quick assembly/disassembly and convenient storage. Quick height adjustment and locking wheels provide ease of use during testing. This tripod can bear up to a 13.5 kg (30.0 lb) load.

Three versions of this tripod are available:

  • 7-TR; Basic Tripod with Straight Boom
  • 7-TR/POL; Tripod Assembly with Pneumatic Polarization, Boom Assembly Not Included
  • 7-TR/POL-M; Tripod Assembly with Manual Polarization, Boom Assembly Not Included
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