Schwarzbeck Modular Antenna Mast AM 9144

Modular mast system.

Overall height adjustment 0.53 m  – 3 m

Antenna or adapter mount: 3/8″ (male)

Material mast: GFK / fibre glass

Diameter of circle around foot: approx. 1.5 m

Weight, depending on configuration:  ca. 5kg – 7 kg







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Modular Antenna Mast

The double telescopic antenna mast / tripod is continuously height-adjustable. The mast rods are made of glass fibre to avoid unwanted reflexions. The modular design makes it possible to use different telescope parts and it can be mounted on a mast foot made of stainless steel or one made out of low-reflective fiberglass. Both of them provide a secure stand and easy adjustment on uneven ground. Antennas or adapters can be mounted on the 3/8″ male thread

Mast can be customised with following parts:

Mast adapter
Suitable for adapters with 3/8” female thread.
AA 9202, AA9202 POM, AA 9203, PDG 9211,
RA 9215, AA 9205, AA 9209, KG 9201

Interchangeable telescopic part in different sizes.

Mast Foot
Available in 3 different versions: Stainless steel, GF and stainless steel tiltable

These wheels are optionally available.
Depending on the foot, they have a different mounting-system

To increase the maximum height of the telescopic part

Datasheet AM 9144