10 kHz – 250 MHz

Frequency Minimum: 10 kHz
Frequency Maximum: 250 MHz
Load Impedance: 50 +/- j0
Maximum Primary Current Amps:

  • 400 Hz: 200
  • DC-60 Hz: 200
  • Pulse: 70
  • RF(CW): 16

Transfer Impedance: 6 Ω

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If you want to know more about ETS 94430-1 CURRENT PROBE
10 kHz – 250 MHz

​ETS-Lindgren’s 94330-1 Current Probe is a small-sized, lightweight probe featuring a 1.90 cm (0.75 in) window, and covers the frequency range of 10 kHz to 250 MHz. This RF sniffer probe is particularly suitable where permanent or semi-permanent installation of current probes is desired. Such applications might be 6 dB or 20 dB safety margin demonstrations during system-level EMC tests, performed on complete weapon system planes, ground vehicles, or ships. Another application is sensing field-to-cable coupled common mode currents during a low level swept cw scan of a commercial aircraft undergoing FAA certification to the High Intensity Radiated Field RF electromagnetic environment. Probe saturation current is compatible with the current carrying capacity of wires placed in its window.

ETS 94430-1 current probe