New Ripple NX – High Power Ripple Generator 

The EM Test Ripple NX is a high-power ripple generator that is used to perform ripple immunity tests.

It offers the power to test high power high voltage components for electricle vehicles (EV) i.e. electric drives, high voltage batteries, DC-DC converters, on-board charger and other high voltage components. It can also be used to generate ripple on high power aircraft components.

Please download the technical paper for more information on the background of ripple testing


The Ripple NX is a fully integrated test system that includes all necessary components: 

  • Low frequency amplifier 10 Hz
  • 300 kHz, 160 Vp, 63 Ap or 126 Ap
  • Coupling network consisting of coupling transformers and a switch matrix
  • Measurement and control unit
  • Capacitor bank 10mF (low ESR) with pre- and discharge circuits
  • Connection boxes with connection cables 

Transformer Coupling Network

The Ripple NX incorporates a unique transformer coupling network that can be reconfigured for serial or parallel operation. This allows to select the optimal operating mode based on the frequency range and required current or voltage. The configuration can be set manually or automatically by the system. 

Integrated Measurement and Control Unit 

The integrated measurement and control unit monitors the operating statuses of the amplifier, coupling network and capacitor bank. The measurement channels allow to measure ripple current and voltage. They are frequency-selective (narrow band) which allows precise regulation of the ripple signal even on noisy DC lines (i.e. switching noise generated by the EUT). 

Two Outputs

The Ripple NX has two outputs available which allows to apply the ripple signal on two EUT output connectors. This makes it possible to test through the front and rear axle connectors of a high voltage battery. For each output individual current and voltage limits can be programmed, which makes sure that the EUT is not destroyed – especially critical at resonance points. The included connection box allows to connect EUTs in difficult situations, i.e., when placed in test or climate chambers. 

Operating Modes 

– Impedance Measurement Mode where the impedance of the EUT is measured using a small signal.
– Calibration Mode is used as a “learning test” which allows to optimally set the amplifier output and coupling network configuration. This enables fast switching during ripple testing.
– Single Mode where an individual point can be tested by setting the frequency and amplitude
– List Mode where a list of test points (frequency, amplitude) is programmed and executed by the ripple generator 

The Ripple NX includes a display with touch-panel for local control and comes with CAN/Ethernet/IEEE/OptoLink interface for remote control (remote command set). This allows to integrate the Ripple NX into existing test benches for automation. Also included is a control software that has a large library of pre-programmed tests and report generator.

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