Vario Line: New 2D/3D AOI System

The Goepel VarioLine AOI is the successor of the AdvancedLine and features a new camera module with one orthogonal and four diagonal vision cameras, for a 360 ° inspection, as well as multispectral illumination from blue to infrared.
The system can be combined with the 3D-EyeZ. In this version, the AOI system enables shadow-free 3D measurement of components and soldering joints, but also 3D detection of fiducials and 3D measurements of connector pins including pin height and set depth.

All cameras have a large Field of View and very short image acquisition time.
The telecentric measurements prevent shading, the adapted sharpness of the oblique image modules ensures excellent image quality.

The VarioLine basic system is a powerful AOI system in a compact design with flexibel configuration.
The powerful combination of 2D / 3D and advanced lighting technologies in one module makes this a unique inspection system.

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