FlashFOX: New Stand-Alone In-System Programmer

The FlashFOX system for programming of electronic assemblies reduces production costs as well as programming times.

Goepel electronic launches FlashFOX, an innovative platform for embedded in-system programming (ISP), which reduces programming times, lowers costs and can be flexibly integrated into ATE systems and infrastructures thanks to new technologies and special features.

FlashFOX is a stand-alone production programmer, a compact unit that focuses solely on the programming of electronic assemblies. Called ‘Embedded In-System Programming (ISP)’, it programs microcontrollers, Flash components and PLD/FPGA on-board, i.e., in the already installed state. FlashFOX also enables embedded conditioning of the board to ensure stable access and secure programming.

“With FlashFOX we close the current gap for stand-alone production programming in our portfolio and at the same time set new standards in terms of performance, flexibility and user-friendliness” according to GOEPEL electronic. “Supported by the comprehensive compatibility to our existing technologies and solutions, our users can now use an even better embedded programming solution for their product development and production.”

The basic design of the FlashFOX consists of a master unit with up to eight channels and external PODs. Equipped with a high-performance processor system, the programmer can program freely definable targets at maximum speed on all channels simultaneously.

All popular serial interfaces and buses (JTAG, SWD, SBW, DAP, SPI, I2C, UART…) are supported as protocols based on a massive model library. In addition to the internal image memory mode, a so-called streaming mode is also possible.
The programmer’s connectivity offers Gbit LAN and USB3.0 as well as WLAN, UART and an ATE interface.
Coupled with a new licensing model and the ability to define your own protocols, the FlashFOX opens up another level of flexibility and user-friendliness.

Contact us or visit the FlashFOX product page for more information

Goepel electronic is a leading suppliers of combined test and programming solutions based on embedded instruments for electronics development and production. The FlashFOX is compatible with all existing technologies like SCANFLEX, VarioTAP, X-Bus and SYSTEM CASCON and is therefore a logic extension of the existing embedded product portfolio.

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