Accelonix Newsletter – Trends in Device Programming

Accelonix Newsletter – Trends in Device Programming
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During the recent Silicon supply shortages, we are seeing an increase in customers who are qualifying alternative memory and microcontrollers devices. This illustrates the advantage of pre-programming systems over In-System solutions.
With Data I/O programming machines, the reconfiguration on a production line can be done in as little as 15-20 minutes and new device supports can be done even before board layout is finalized.
Combined with the resilient supply chain, this is today the reason why Data I/O supports 8 of the top 9 and 16 of the top 20 tier 1 automotive suppliers globally.
Product Highlight: PSV5000 
The PSV5000 is the cost effective entry point for high performance automated device programming. The PSV5000 delivers trusted performance, flexibility, & reliability at an affordable price.
  • Fast programming with easy changover; up to 1300 parts/hour and scalable with either FlashCORE III or LumenX programmers with up to 40 sockets.
  • Flexible options; fiber laser marking, small parts down to 2mm x 3mm, large parts up to 42.5mm x 42.5mm.
  • Optimized algorithms; universal device support on FlashCORE III, ultra-fast programming for eMMC and UFS with TurboBoost for LumenX.
SentriX Security Deployment Platform – Simplifying IoT Security:
Define, provision and deploy robust IoT and automotive device security using an efficient device programming system, easy-to-use software tools and a flexible commercial model.
The SentriX security deployment platform brings several benefits including:
  • Robust Security: deploy security prior to board assembly, cryptographic protection of secrets & firmware, support silicon device hardware Roots of Trust, integrated FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant HSM and air-gapped operation
  • Ease of Use: preconfigured security use cases, intuitive collaboration tool, low and high-volume production
  • Commercial Flexibility:  Available as a turnkey security deployment system or as an upgrade to a Data I/O PSV7000 or PSV500
Case Study: The Hidden Cost of Quality
The Impact of Pre-Programming on Production Yield and Field Failures for Products using Small Chip Scale Package Devices 
This case study compares the programming results using Data I/O’s PSV system vs a low-cost programming vendor and evaluates:
  • Root cause of damaged devices
  • The cost of quality
  • How field failure rates were reduced
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