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The Takaya APT-9411 Flying Probe Tester easily adapts to both the OEM and CM environments while providing years of peak performance and reliable operation. In keeping with their reputation for quality, Takaya uses only the most reliable ball screw and slide rail mechanisms which have been designed for accuracy, stability and durability. This attention to detail is a major factor leading to the system’s superior positioning performance.

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The APT-9411CE is designed for users who are looking for a precise and reliable test system with an easy to use software interface to be able to create test programs with extraordinary coverage in the shortest time. The APT-9411CE is equipped with 4 flying probes for the top side of the circuit board and 2 fixed probes for the underside of the circuit board. A special feature of the APT-9411CE is the incredible flexibility. The base system with the standard configuration can be selected as entry point and grow with your test requirements depending on need. The basis for this is the unique modular concept of the APT-9411CE series. Additional modules can be installed subsequently in your factory. For example, these include power supplies, external measuring equipment, transport systems, additional measuring channels of the underside, a stamping unit; even the conversion to double-sided test system is performed on-site.

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  • 4 Flying Probes from the top and 2 fix probes from bottom
  • XYZ High Power -AC servo motors and controllers
  • Smallest pad size < 120µm
  • Rigid XY-table made of finely polished natural granite
  • Soft Touch Control
  • Unique mechanism for board clamping
  • Conveyer system with an automatic width adjustment and SMEMA interface
  • In-Line Application: All APT systems are of course also available as In-Line variant. Equipped with a transport system with automatic width adjustment, the flying probe testers can be used for completely automated operation in a production line or in magazine to magazine operation.
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  •  R, L, C measurements
  • Measuring voltage < 0,3V
  • Kelvin measurements
  • Guard functions
  • Diodes & Zener diodes measurement functions
  • Voltage Controller/Operational Amplifier
  • Transistors/FET/Optocoupler/Relays/etc.
  • DC/AC Current- and Voltage Measurements
  • AC signal generator
  • Gain measurements
  • Frequency measurements
  • Clustertests
  • IC Open Sensor
  • Integration of external power supplies and test equipment (Boundary Scan, In System Programming, etc.)
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  •  CCD camera
  • Programmable LED illumination (red and blue)
  • Fiducial mark recognition (off set, rotation, shrinking)
  • Component recognition (polarity, presence, shift or wrong component)
  • 1D and 2 D barcode recognition
  • additional camera for a larger field of view
  • Letter recognition
  • Real Map function for the graphical display of the board and the test points
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TestWay Express is a fully integrated solution that enables electronic manufacturers to optimize the design to delivery flow by:

  • Defining the manufacturing line; including a combination of assembly, inspection and test machines.
  • Placing test probes intelligently to maximize the coverage and minimize the fixture costs, both initially and in the event of required modifications.
  • Estimating the test coverage for each individual strategy using theoretical models and optimize the combined results.
  • Generating input files for each test stage that reflects the test options for the selected strategy.
  • Measuring the real test coverage by importing the post-debug test program or coverage data.
  • Comparing the early estimation with the actual measured test program coverage, identifying gaps in the overall strategy.

The capability to generate lean test programs has particular benefits for the Takaya flying probe tester by:

  • Reducing debug time: Machine capability models, automatic test creation algorithms, optimum probe angle selection methods and advanced circuit analysis work together to reduce the amount of machine debug time required after output, thereby increasing machine capacity.
  • Increasing Test coverage: Push through technology allows automatic simple cluster testing to increase test coverage through low value resistive components.
  • Reducing engineering effort: Automatic component modelisation and intelligent opportunity assessment work together to save engineering time.
  • Increasing machine speed: Advanced circuit analysis algorithms allow the creation of tests to target the failure opportunities with no superfluous tests.
  • Reducing machine workload: Powerful test coverage analyzers work within the machine capability models to allow the optimization of combined tests across multiple machines, in order to achieve a lean test strategy.

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JTAG/Boundary Scan Integration

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APT-9411 Brochure

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