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Bondjet BJ830

Fully Automatic Large Area Ball-Wedge Bonder

The Bondjet BJ830 is a fully automated, thermosonic fine wire ball-wedge bonder with a large working area. The BJ830 is designed for  wire bonding challenges on a single platform. Typical applications are components in the HF and RF technology, COB, MCM and hybrids, opto and automotive electronics. The BJ830 defines the latest state of technological development compared to the competition and is benchmark for:

  • The largest working area of ball-wedge bonders
  • Precise positioning according to great axis accuracy
  • High reliability and repeatability
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Advanced features and process advantages

  • High precision touchdown detection without time delay, e.g. for bonding on very thin substrates
  • Precise bondforce control
  • Multi-level bonding according to Z axis stroke of 31 mm (1.22″)
  • E-Box: graphical ball inspection
  • Automated bondforce calibration
  • Rapid image capture with new digital image processing and flash light illumination


  • Working area : 305 mm x 410 mm (12″ x 16″)
  • Can serve two or more smaller bonding stations for efficient handling of smaller products or substrates, elimination indexing time and maximization of throughput (with indexers as well as manual loading)
  • Universal software interface for indexer control
  • Enables intelligent automation of extra large products


  • Continuous real time monitoring of wire deformation, transducer current, frequency and impedance within programmable control limits
  • BDE, traceability – integrated CSV-Logger or customized implementation
  • SECS/GEM – integrated standardized server connection for automation and communication
  • MES – Interface to Manufacturing Execution Systems, integrated or customized implementation
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Working area

  • X: 305 mm (12″); Y: 410 mm (16″); Z: 31 mm (1.22″) P-Rotation: 180° in the ball-wedge mode

Mechatronic bondhead

  • BW01 Ball-Wedge Bondhead Frequency: 120 kHz or 60 kHz Option: Dual frequency 120/60 kHz


  • 17.5 µm – 50 µm (0.7 mil – 2.0 mil)
  • Spool size (diameter): 50.8 mm (2″), double-flanged spool

NEFO spark generator

  • Max. sparking current: 100 mA (adjustable in time and level)
    • Programmable pre-sparking voltage: 2500 V-5000 V
    • Max. main sparking voltage: 1000 V
  • Detection of missing spark, short circuit and spark breakaway

Process advantages

  • Thermosonic ball-wedge bonding
  • Loop generator for customized loops
  • Various loop form functions
    • Constant wire length
    • Constant loop height
    • Individual loop shapes

Media connectivity

  • Gigabit-Ethernet (TCP/IP)
  • Compressed air (high-purity)
  • Vacuum
  • 16A AC
  • Digitale IO´s
  • USB-Port

Machine dimensions

  • 740 mm x 1484 mm x 1912 mm (29.1″ x 58.4″ x 75.3″) (W x D x H), height without status lamp


  • approx. 1100 kg
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Ball-Wedge Bondhead
  • Typ: BW01 Ball-Wedge Bondhead
  • Frequency: 120 kHz or 60 kHz Option: Dual frequency 120/60 kHz
  • Wear-free and low maintenance components
  • Deep access capability: 12 mm (depending on capillary length)
  • Maintenance-free flexure hinges
  • Free programmable tail length, tear stroke and opening gap of wire clamp
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Precise bond force control, 10 cN – 300 cN programmable
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Adjustment tool for wire bonders
The E-Box of the Hesse GmbH is a patent-registered visualisation system for control supported, reproducible adjustments of bondhead elements or for graphical ball inspection. It includes a camera for optical displaying of wedge, cutter and wire guide as well as a graphical support for adjustment- and positioning control. E-Box allows significant time reduction for setting up the machine. Software enhanced optical adjustment system for wedge, cutter and wire guide / wire clamp.E-Box for Bonder – Advantages during Production

  • Better reproducibility of the adjustment depending attributes (e.g. loop forming) after change of wearing parts
  • Longer life time of wearing parts

Advantages for Bond Process

  • Graphical ball inspection in the ball-wedge mode
  • System for reproducible set-up of wedge, cutter and wire guide / wire clamp
  • Set-up without microscope
  • Free programmable, specified positions for bondhead elements
    • shown as limitation line
    • different views selectable (different sides, bottom, front etc.)
  • Minimizes time expenditure for set-up work, set-up control and readjustment

The precise and safe handling of the products in and out of the production machine plays a significant role in controlling the product quality, yield and efficiency of the production equipment. For this reason Hesse GmbH is offering automation concepts individually adapted for every application.



The portfolio of automation components for our machines consists of the following groups:

  • Indexer / Transport system
  • Bonding Station
  • Magazine Lifts
  • Visualization
  • MES Interface

All our machines are suitable for integration into production lines. This also applies to indexers and magazine lifts, which generally communicate to neighbouring systems by SMEMA interface. The customer specific special solutions which differ from the standard, have lead to some extraordinary optional features, such as:

  • Indexer with automatic rail width adjustment
  • Indexer with tilt function for bonding 3-dimensional MID’s
  • Integrated barcode scanner for automatic program selection
  • Indexer with 2 or 3 rails for parallel AUER boat processing
  • Manual heated workholder with adjustable height for maximum flexibility
  • Magazine lifts with capacity for multiple magazines
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Bondjet BJ830 Datasheet

E-Box Datasheet

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