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Automatic Dispenser

MAT Model 6410

For Automatic Dispensing & Stamping

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  • One or two dispnese pumps are installed on the head moving on the machine X and Y axes.
  • The system performs Dispensing and Stamping of different adhesives, flux and other materials in the same application.
  • The adhesive is applied in single dot, multi dot and X-Y shape patterns by the Time-Pressure or Positive Displacement Pumps.
  • A library of complex pre-taught dispense and stamp shapes allows fast and easy setup of the application.
  • Versatile and User Friendly operation based on a PC platform running under Windows XP®.
  • Fully automatic system designed for highest flexibility and easy programming and operation.
  • Very High Accuracy ensured by closed loop servo systems controlling the X and Y motion of the head.
  • High resolution Digital Vision and Image Processing is used for accurate substrate alignment.
  • Dual Magnification camera for Substrate alignment with 20 mm travel and Auto Focus.
  • Very Large 20″ x 12″ Work Area allows handling large PC boards.
  • Cold and Heated substrate holders handling a wide variety of substrates including PCB’s, Silicon Wafers, Ceramic Substrates, Carriers with Single Packages, etc.
  • Underfill dispensing process for flip chip applications.
  • Stamping (Pin Transfer) of less than 75 µm diameter adhesive dots (application dependent).
  • Work Area up to 20″ x 12″.
  • Substrates: Lead Frames, Ceramic, Silicon Wafers, FR4, Metal, etc.
  • Volumetric or Time-Pressure Dispensing
  • Number of Dispenser Pumps: 2
  • Syringe Size: up to 30 cc.
  • Typical Viscosity Range: 1000 – 900000 cps.
  • Number of Stamper Stages: 1
  • Dot size range from: 0.075 mm (by stamping).
  • Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Inert Gas cover.
  • Surface detection accuracy: 3 microns.
  • Dual magnification Down Looking Camera: 100X for High mag. and 24X for Low mag.
  • Dot Placement Accuracy: 10 µm @ 3 sigma depending on application.
  • Throughput: up to 3600 dots/hour. 

Model 6410 Datasheet

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