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Automatic Die Bonder

MAT 6400 Automatic Die Bonder

For MCM/Flip Chip/Eutectic and Ultrasonic

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  • Flexible, fully automatic die attach system controlled by user friendly Windows based software.
  • The system is available either installed on its own bench or in “Table-Top” configuration (without bench).
  • Model 6400 performs cold and hot processes for MCM, Flip Chip, Eutectic, and Ultrasonic assemblies.
  • Very high placement accuracy of 3 microns @ 3 sigma (process dependent) is ensured by the closed loop servo systems and the high resolution digital vision system
  • Handles active and passive components with sizes between 0.2 mm up to over 25 mm.
  • Pick from up to thirty 2″ or up to nine 4″ Waffle or Gel Pak carriers.
  • Pick from Wafers up to 300 mm
  • Pick from up to 12 Tape & Reel feeders.
  • Specializing in unusual die sizes and aspect ratios.
  • The volumetric or time-pressure dispenser applies adhesive in programmable shapes.
  • Stamping (Pin Transfer) applies adhesive dots as small as 75 microns.
  • Full Flip Chip capability including chip flipping, bump fluxing and chip final alignment over up looking camera.
  • Handles CCD and other sensors, LCD’s, MEMS and other sensitive devices
  • Unique die staking capability with programmable BLT.
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  • Work Area up to 12″ x 10″.
  • Die size: 0.200 to over 50 mm.
  • Die Thickness: from 50 microns.
  • Die Aspect Ratio: over 1:20.
  • Die Material: GaAs, Silicon, Glass, other.
  • Die Presentation
       – Up to 30 Waffle/Gel packs
       – Up to 8 Tape & Reel feeders
       – One 300 mm Wafer.
  • Volumetric or Time-Pressure Dispensing
  • Stamping (pin transfer) for dots as small as 75 µm.
  • Cold or Hot process up to 500 C with Inert Gas cover.
  • Heated pickup tool up to 500 C available.
  • Ultrasonic bonding process available.
  • Accurate Bond Line Thickness control.
  • Advanced Die Stacking capability.
  • Pickup/Bond Force: 40 – 3000 grams.
  • Placement Accuracy: 3 µm @ 3 sigma depending on application.
  • Throughput: up to 1000 CPH depending on application. 
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Model 6400 Datasheet

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